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Rocky Mount Public Utilities WARM

W.A.R.M. for Rocky Mount, NC Housing

The recent cold snap brings to mind two things. First, it is important to have housing that is well-insulated and energy efficient. Second, it also serves as a reminder that in challenging economic times, those in need may find it difficult to pay their utility bills. That’s why the City of Rocky Mount offers help for families through the Winter Assistance for Rocky Mount program (W.A.R.M.).

The W.A.R.M. program, which is solely support by community donations and sponsors, helps low-income customers who are elderly or disabled. The program is administered by the Salvation Army from January – May.  Funds from the W.A.R.M program can be used to pay for wood, gas, coal, oil or electricity. All payments made through W.A.R.M. are made directly to the company providing the fuel source. Payments are not made to individuals.

Those eligible for assistance include:

  • Those who are 60 years of age or older
  • Those with a documented disability
  • Those who are recently unemployed (within the last 90 days) due to company closing or downsizing

Latasha Hall, business office manager for the City of Rocky Mount, NC, said that the program continues to benefit low-income residents, and the city welcomes contributions in anticipation of the winter season.

This program is funded entirely by contributions, and the City of Rocky Mount makes it easy to donate to this program. All contributions are 100 percent tax deductible and stay within the local community. Residents and utility customers of Rocky Mount can make a contribution through their monthly bill by simply completing an enrollment form and adding $1 or more to the bill.  Customers may also “round up” their bill to the nearest dollar to contribute to the W.A.R.M program.

To make these contributions, all you need to do is fill out and download a form from the City of Rocky Mount. Lump sum donations to help those in need can also be made by mailing a contribution to:

The City of Rocky Mount W.A.RM. Program

Business Office

P.O. Box 1180

Rocky Mount, NC 27802

Do You Have Energy-Efficient Housing?

If you don’t qualify for assistance but would like help lowering your power bill, the Rocky Mount Public Utilities Department offers energy audits to help you understand your energy consumption and to create ways to lower your bill. The City of Rocky Mount provides this service to its customers at no cost.

Energy audits involve a series of in-depth survey questions. After evaluating the customer’s 12-month billing history and reviewing the survey, the auditor may conduct a walk-through of the home. Auditors will also present customers with a free Energy Kit that contains energy-saving items such as a low-flow shower head, insulating foam sealant, and an air filter whistle.

Interested in obtaining your own audit? Just call Customer Service at 252-972-1250.

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