Fighting Rocky Mount Poverty: the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative

Rocky Mount Economic Development

In January the Obama administration announced the expansion of its Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative, and our Remarkable Rocky Mount has been included in the expansion. So what is this program and how does it relate to Rocky Mount poverty?

It’s all about sparking economic growth. Expert teams sent by the federal government come to our city to work alongside our own leadership, community organizations and local businesses to achieve one goal: growing our economy!

“During these tough fiscal times, it is vitally important that the Administration provides support to those cities in need,” stated HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. “The support provided by the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative is helping local leaders maximize every dollar to spur economic growth, create jobs, and build stronger and safer communities.”

What’s the game plan?

·      Invest existing resources.

·      Provide expertise that aids our own local priorities.

·      Facilitate new partnerships.

·      Align federal programs and investments that we may not be taking advantage of yet.

It’s a win-win situation. We all want to reduce Rocky Mount poverty by becoming more economically competitive. Our own leaders and community businesses retain the control over the direction of our economy while this program provides the insight and expertise that helps boost our efforts.

“The goal is to help position these communities to be more economically competitive, which ultimately will create better opportunities and improve the lives for their residents,” said DPC Director, Cecilia Muñoz.

And the best news? The program has a proven track record for reducing poverty.

The teams that deployed in the original pilot sites of Cleveland, Detroit, Fresno, Memphis, and New Orleans helped these communities more effectively use over $368 million in existing federal funds and investments. Now it’s Rocky Mount’s turn!

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