Rocky Mount, NC Revitalization: Cheers to the New Brewmill Project

Rocky Mount NC Brewmill

Historic Rocky Mount Mills lies just 45 minutes away from Raleigh, halfway between New York and Florida. For years the area has been dormant, but that’s all about to change.

Capital Broadcasting has owned the property since 2007 and has been searching for just the right renovation project; they found it in the Rocky Mount Brewmill, a revitalization endeavor that will support local economic development, create jobs and breathe new life into a charming, historic mill town. The Brewmill will become North Carolina’s first incubator for craft-beer makers.

“The gist of it is, making craft beer is an economic development tool for eastern North Carolina,” says Margo Knight Metzger, executive director of the N.C. Craft Brewers Guild. “Eastern North Carolina, including Rocky Mount, has struggled economically for quite a long time. I think this project has the potential to put Rocky Mount on the map for manufacturing again, as well as make it a bona fide tourism destination.”

What Is An Incubator?

An incubator helps an amateur go pro. A talented home brewer might be ready for the next step but will often find himself struggling with the business side of opening a craft brewery: marketing, branding, distributing, etc. It’s one thing to make an excellent brew – it’s quite another thing to get that brew into the hands of buyers. The incubator solves that problem. It’s a shared space where craft-beer makers can use equipment, collaborate and learn what it takes to start and manage a brewery.

The Brewmill also plans to team up with Nash Community College to offer a brewery education program. This Brewmill Institute will include a state-of-the-art brewhouse, a laboratory space where students can break apart brewery equipment, a replica packaging system, office space for teachers and an area to host larger conferences or events.

A Rocky Mount Neighborhood Reborn

The soon-to-be-remodeled mill village sits on the Tar River. The thirty six original mill homes that dot the 80-acre campus will be restored and offered for rent to folks working at the Brewmill. Every house will come with its own bar and draft system!

Hilarie Vetere of the Rocky Mount Telegram states: “The Historic Mill Houses make up just one neighborhood that surrounds downtown Rocky Mount. I have described them as gems, and I believe they are about to become diamonds in the rough!”

Tourism for Rocky Mount, NC

In addition to the creation of jobs and tax base growth, microbreweries could attract more tourists to the Rocky Mount area. Visitors to the Brewmill will be able to see the entire brewing process, from barley malting to canning and bottling. And of course, tasting will be included! 

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