Tar River Transit Offers Free Rides to Vaccination Appointments

The key to bringing the pandemic to a close rests upon how many individuals can be effectively vaccinated. As a result, the U.S. has rolled out one of the most extensive vaccination initiatives in its history.

But you can’t get a vaccination if you don’t have the transportation to get there.

Once again, the City of Rocky Mount has taken initiative to help ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. In this latest effort, the city is arranging free transportation to vaccination appointments. 
Tar River Transit will offer free rides to those who have scheduled appointments at “drive-up” vaccination sites. This service is available on Monday – Saturday from 8 .am. to 5 p.m. and serves locations in both Nash and Edgecombe counties.

Interested in taking advantage of this service? We have a list of phone numbers you can call to arrange transportation. They are:


Remember: you must schedule your appointment one day before your trip. If you work in a medical practice or healthcare facility, you can also schedule a transportation appointment for your patients.

This service will be offered at least until June 30, 2021. 

Need more information about routes and services? Visit tarrrivertransit.org.

Face Masks Required on Tar River Transit

To comply with the governor’s orders and advice from leading experts, it’s required to wear a mask on any Tar River Transit vehicle. This means they can refuse to transport anyone without a mask that covers both their nose and mouth.

It’s important to wear your face mask properly.


  • You should always wash your hands or use sanitizer before you start to put on your mask.
  • Your mask should cover your mouth and nose.
  • Your mask should be snugly secure under your chin. 
  • Do not wear your entire mask under your chin---it must cover both your nose and mouth to be effective. 
  • Slip the loops over your ears.
  • Be sure you’re able to breathe comfortably.

Still having trouble with your mask? Having difficulty placing it properly and being able to breathe easily? If you have to keep adjusting it, maybe it’s time to evaluate your mask and consider getting another one. 
Have questions about the city’s COVID-19 resources? Check out our earlier article to find references to the information you need. 

Suspension of Fares

The officials at Tar River Transit are dedicated to stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, it’s necessary to minimize any interaction between those who drive and operate the vehicles and the public. 
A large part of this interaction centers around paying fares.

Therefore, all transit services will be “Fare Free,” meaning the public will not have to pay for any of the transit services. To learn more information, we encourage you to visit the Tar River Transit site.

As part of this initiative, no passes can be purchased, including:

  • The 10, 20 and 40 ride passes
  • DARTS tickets
  • Rural General Public tickets (RGP)
  • RGP Shuttle cash fares
  • Night Shuttle fares

However, it’s important to remember that those who use the DARTS, RGP and Night Shuttle services still have to make appointments.

If you have already purchased tickets, you don’t have to use them. Instead, wait to use them when the fare structure returns to its normal operations. 

In addition, all buses are ADA compliant, and each one has a wheelchair lift, two securement stations and internal message signs. 

Keep watching the city’s website and look for announcements to be sure you have the latest information. 

Where Can I Find a Bus Schedule?

These are easily available in several locations, including the transfer center and the display station on the first floor of City Hall. You can also receive a schedule via mail or download a PDF of the routes from the Tar River Transit’s site. 

Some Important Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine 

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, a lot of it may be spread by well-meaning—yet misinformed—friends and relatives on social media. 

We want you to know the truth when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, so we’ve taken some of the most important facts from the Centers for Disease Control and listed them here. 

If you have more detailed questions about the vaccine, we encourage you to ask your doctor or healthcare provider. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control:

  • The vaccine is safe. It has undergone extensive safety tests—the same ones that other vaccines undergo. 
  • Some people may have side effects after receiving the vaccine. This includes sore muscles, fatigue or a low fever. Typically, these only last for one or two days. 
  • Experiencing side effects does NOT mean that you have COVID-19. Rather, it is a sign that your body is “learning” about the coronavirus so it can effectively fight it. 
  • Remember that if you are receiving the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine that you are not fully vaccinated until after you receive the second dose.
  • Even after you are vaccinated, you should still take precautions in public, such as wearing a mask and standing six feet from others. You should also continue to wash your hands often. 

Interested in More Answers?  

The Centers for Disease Control has created a web page that outlines the most frequently asked questions  about the vaccine. We highly recommend reviewing them and then speaking with your healthcare provider if you have additional questions. 

Rocky Mount—Taking the Lead in COVID-19 Safety

The city has gone to extensive lengths to be sure all residents have the facts they need in order to stay healthy during the pandemic. The city has established an educational page that is updated regularly. We encourage you to check it out to be sure you have the information you need to stay safe.  

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