Your Complete Guide to the Sunset Avenue Corridor Study

Rocky Mount, NC is continuing its tradition of improving the community by making Sunset Avenue a safer place for motorists, pedestrians and bikers

It’s a part of the city’s Sunset Avenue Corridor study, and it will affect thousands of residents and visitors. 

What Is the Sunset Avenue Corridor Project?

This project takes a close look at 2.5 miles of Sunset Avenue from Halifax Road to Forest Hill Avenue/U.S. 64 Business. 

There’s a lot going on around Sunset Avenue.

Roughly 31 percent of residents take Sunset Avenue to get to/from I-95 or the downtown area.  

Twenty percent use it to access the stores at Westridge Shopping Center and still another 20 percent use it to commute to work. 

One of the project’s highest priorities is making the area safer for both pedestrians and motorists.

The city conducted an intensive survey to get valuable input from area citizens. It revealed that some of the biggest challenges facing Sunset Avenue are the lack of crosswalks, pedestrian countdowns and lighting.

Other suggestions included improvements to make the area more appealing for local restaurants. 

Drawing Inspiration From Other Successes

Before undertaking a project of this scope, the city did extensive studies on how other cities handled similar projects. They also took a look at the proven payoffs that the improvements provided.

For example, Hillsborough Street in Raleigh was transformed, including medians, bike lanes, parallel parking, improved sidewalks and roundabouts. The result? A 37 percent reduction in crashes.

In Arlington, Virginia, leaders faced similar challenges with routing traffic to their downtown area.  By engaging the whole community and seeking input from business leaders, they not only helped improve foot and bike traffic downtown, but they also experienced a reduction in the number of crashes.

In fact, their 5-year average crash rate is 50 percent less than it was before the project. 

The Project is Not Complete Without Your Input!

No success is made alone. A project of this scope and magnitude requires support and input from all Rocky Mount residents---especially those who live and work near the Sunset Avenue area. 

Do you travel regularly on Sunset Avenue? The city wants to hear from you. Keep watching the city’s website and local news to discover more about the project. You can also view a list of updated meetings and events concerning the corridor project. 

Stay Abreast of the Latest City Information

The Sunset Avenue Corridor project is a major undertaking, and nothing worthwhile happens overnight. Want to keep tabs on the city’s progress? Check out the online informational hub for the Sunset Avenue Study.  

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