Rocky Mount, N.C.’s Response to Covid-19

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on communities and cities across the country and around the world. Rocky Mount also faces the challenges of keeping city services running while protecting employees and community members.

Citizen Resource Center

As it has on so many other occasions, Rocky Mount has risen to meet the challenge. New heroes are created every day by those whose selfless dedication paves the way for the safety and well-being of others. 

We know you want to stay informed about the latest developments of the coronavirus---being informed is a part of being a responsible citizen. However, be aware that not all sources are trustworthy. Social media sites can easily spread misinformation through well-meaning friends and family.

Therefore, the city created the Citizen Resource Center that has links to information from local, state and federal sources. 

Showing Appreciation for City Workers

Showing support and appreciation for the ongoing delivery of excellent municipal service, the city of Rocky Mount provided meals for more than 370 essential city employees.

The boxed lunches were prepared by a local food vendor and choices included hot dogs, cheeseburgers and chicken tenders plates with a drink. Employees were able to pick up the meals in the parking lot of the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences.

Recognizing the Dedication of All City Employees Through the Our City at Work Campaign

Is there a city worker that you’d like to recognize?  If you’ve placed a thank-you sign in your yard to honor these employees, it has been noticed!

The city invites you to share your pictures of city employees through a new Our City at Work initiative designed to showcase the city workers who are going above and beyond during these difficult times. 
All you have to do is take a picture of an employee at work and share it using #ourcityatwork and #rockymount.
So if you’d like to show your thanks to municipal workers, whether they’re repairing a line, responding to emergencies or collecting garbage, be sure to share -- let’s let these folks know they’re appreciated and that we see them making a difference

Rocky Mount Follows All State Recommendations

We want to share with you a few things that the city is doing to help ensure that everyone stays safe. In addition, we’ll pass along some important information from the city’s police and fire departments. We’ll also list some of the facilities that are open and which ones have been closed in response to the coronavirus. 

However, first and foremost, it’s important to realize that the city is following all of the state’s recommendations for responses to the coronavirus. 

Important Message from Fire Chief Corey Mercer

“We want you to know that the fire department is working extremely hard during this pandemic,” Mercer said in a video public service announcement that is on the city’s website. Mercer emphasized the importance of preparation—not panic—during these times. 

He stressed the importance of handwashing and limiting exposure to others.

The fire department always stands ready to help residents. For the sake of safety, it is limiting some of its community programs during this time. These programs include:

  • Car seat installation
  • Smoke detector installation
  • Community events
  • Recruitment

Comments from the Rocky Mount Police Chief

“The safety of the community and our officers is a part of our mission statement,” said Chief George Robinson. “We urge citizens to stay alert and comply with all state and city governing body recommendations.”

Robinson, who also appeared in a public service announcement, stated that the Rocky Mount Police Department officers are taking all precautions to help keep the community safe. This includes disinfecting vehicles every time someone has been transported and practicing social distancing. 

About the City’s COVID-19 Response

The city has found the perfect balance of ensuring safety for citizens and employees while also assuring that city services will remain seamless and uninterrupted. 

City Hall

City Hall is open for city council meetings.

The Business Services Center is closed to the public, but if you need to pay a utility bill or a tax bill, drive-thru services are still available. You can also always pay utility and tax bills by mail (P.O. Box 1180, Rocky Mount, NC 27802).

Development Services is still processing applications. The animal shelter is open; however, it is by appointment only. 

There are some committee meetings that have been cancelled. These include:

  • Neighborhood meetings
  • Boards and commission meetings
  • The Citizen’s Academy
  • Rocky Mount Area Youth Council

Canceled Programs and Closed Facilities

For the safety of all involved, all programs and classes at Parks and Recreation facilities are closed. This includes:

  • The Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences
  • The Rocky Mount Senior Center
  • The South Rocky Mount Community Center
  • The RM Wilson Gym
  • The Booker T. Washington Community Center

Rental for parks and facilities are not being taken. 

In addition, all programs at the Rocky Mount Sports Complex and the Rocky Mount Event center have been canceled.

In the meantime, stay safe, follow government instructions, and don’t panic. We have confidence that Rocky Mount’s citizens and employees will make it through this challenging time, just as the city has risen to face previous challenges. 

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