Rocky Mount Utilities Earns National Excellence Award

Once again, Rocky Mount Public Utilities (RMPU) has demonstrated its drive for excellence with another accolade to add to its roster.

The Rocky Mount Public Utilities division earned a national award for its exemplary service in providing natural gas. The award was given by the American Public Gas Association (APGA). This organization is comprised of companies across the country that provide natural gas to more than 5 million customers. 

APGA honored Rocky Mount’s public utilities division with a Gold SOAR designation—the second time it has earned such an honor. It is one of only two systems in APGA to receive the Gold award two times.

In addition, the RMPU also netted the Public Gas System Achievement Award. 

What is the SOAR Program?

SOAR stands for System Operation Achievement Recognition Program. It honors those public natural gas systems who promote excellence in operations. Earning this coveted award demonstrates that the organization is operating at the highest standards of reliability and safety. 

In order to earn the award, utility companies must show excellence in the following areas:

  • Employee safety
  • Workforce development
  • System improvement 
  • System integrity

To maintain recognition, members must apply every three years. 

RMPU clearly demonstrated its ability to implement the latest technology coupled with stellar service. This was one of the requirements that helped the department earn the awards. Some of these improvements include:

  • An upgrade in gas leak detection equipment
  • A dedicated air-breathing area/ trailer
  • An automotive vehicle location in use on all vehicles
  • Tablets for personnel to map and track the gas system
  • Fitted masks for each employee to help in oxygen-deficient atmospheres
  • Excess flow valves to automatically shut off the gas flow if a line breaks

RMPU Has Earned Several Other Accolades

These are not the only awards that RMPU has won throughout the years. We’ve outlined a few of them below:

The Silver SOAR Award

Before the group netted a Gold SOAR award, they earned the Silver designation from the American
Public Gas Association. 

Public Provider Award

RMPU was also recognized with the Reliable Public Provider Award, making it one of 94 public utility companies in the country to receive this honor. 

Safety Award of Excellence

RMPU earned this designation from the chair of the APPA Safety Committee. RMPU was honored out of more than 285 public utility programs that entered the Safety Awards. 

Some Interesting Facts About The Rocky Mount Public Utilities (RMPU)

Did you know that RMPU:

  • Is one of 1,000 public natural gas utilities in the state
  • Is not-for-profit and owned by the community
  • Operates more than 500 miles of natural gas lines
  • Has more than 17,000 natural gas customers  

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