National Night Out Against Crime Highlights

Rocky Mount PD enjoying National Night Out.

Neighborhood block parties, cookouts and back to school festivals marked Rocky Mount’s 23rd annual National Night Out Against Crime. The city joined more than 15,000 communities in 50 states to commemorate this event, although Rocky Mount took a slightly different approach.

The National Night Out Against Crime is typically held in August, but our Rocky Mount Police department decided to hold it in October to coincide with Crime Prevention Month. Both events provide an opportunity for residents to learn more about reducing Rocky Mount crime and help them get to know the officers who serve the city every day.

Events throughout the city included cookouts, block parties and educational programs. The police discussed Rocky Mount crime and drug prevention measures. 

Reducing the Crime Rate in Rocky Mount

According to the National Neighborhood Watch organization, Crime Prevention Month, held every October, was established in 1984. Its goal? To make you and your community aware of how to prevent crime and remain safe.

Each week of the month is dedicated to a theme.

Week 1: Stopping Identity Theft

Have you ever received a suspicious phone call asking for your bank account information? Perhaps you fell for a scam that allowed someone to obtain your Social Security number. Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated, and it’s easier than ever to fall prey to fraud. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to prevent identity theft.

Week 2: Safely Storing Firearms

When not in use, it’s very important to lock your firearms and be sure they are secure. National Crime Prevention Council has some useful information about how to be sure your firearms don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Week 3: Living Safer, Being Smarter

This week focuses on helping those in the 18-to 24-year-old population learn what they need to know so they can avoid being the victims of burglary, credit card fraud or identity theft. It’s very important that young people start learning crime prevention skills early in order to stay safe throughout their lives.

Week 4: Gang Prevention

Did you know that there are 33,000 street gangs that are active in the U.S., according to the FBI? National Crime Prevention Month works with communities to promote safe areas and reduce gang presence. One way is to provide activities for youth to redirect their involvement away from gangs. 

Another Way Rocky Mount Police Reach Out to the Community

While the Night Out Against Crime is one of the most visible programs the police conduct, there are several initiatives the department has undergone to fight Rocky Mount crime and keep citizens safe. 

Some of these include:

T.R.R.U.T.H Training

Through this course, police have gained extensive insight into how to foster better relationships with minorities. T.R.R.U.T.H stands for Taking Race Relations and Understanding To Heart. It’s taught by the North Carolina Justice Academy. 

Green Dot Initiative

This program seeks to create a new approach to Rocky Mount crime prevention. It focuses on what it calls the Green Dot philosophy of 3D’s: direct, distract and delegate. Through these principles, citizens are taught how to diffuse a situation before a crime can occur. (You can read all about it in our earlier article on the Green Dot Initiative!

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