Latest Economic Developments in Rocky Mount

economic development in rocky mount

There are good things on the road ahead for Rocky Mount’s economic growth. 

From industries that are taking a closer look at the area to the fantastic development at Rocky Mount Mills, the city is experiencing a Renaissance, moving forward with bright optimism. 

Downtown Rocky Mount has paved the way for several other wonderful developments, such as the loft apartments and the continuous refurbishment of the historic Douglas Block. Now, grants can help ensure that this prosperous trend continues.

City Roof Repair Grants

In an effort to support the ongoing economic growth and development of Rocky Mount, the city's Community and Business Development Department supplies grants for roof repairs and replacements. These grants are for downtown commercial properties located within the boundaries of Franklin St., Goldleaf St., Atlantic Ave. and Raleigh Blvd.

The grants are up to $10,000 and are available for property owners on a 50/50 reimbursement basis. The purpose of the grant program is to encourage downtown renovation and development. The roof grants require:

  • That all repairs be completed
  • All debris is properly removed
  • That the roof passes  inspection prior to reimbursement

Because funding is limited, severely damaged roofs, in addition to those being done as part of complete building renovation, will be given priority. 

This is not the only type of assistance available. Certain owners may be eligible for other available downtown incentives including the $5,000 Façade Grant, $20,000 Downtown Building Assistance Program and the Development Incentive Grant.

For more information, contact Kevin Harris, business development director, at 252-972-1101 or via email at

Accelerated Façade Grant

For those who have businesses or who are interested in starting a business in downtown Rocky Mount, they may be eligible for the Accelerated Façade Grant.

The Accelerated Façade Grant Improvement Program (AFGIP) is geared toward helping business owners renovate and repair the exterior of their businesses. The purpose is to continually encourage new businesses and residents to arrive in downtown Rocky Mount

Downtown development helps encourage Rocky Mount's economic growth, fights Rocky Mount poverty, and provides Rocky Mount employment opportunities to help everyone in both Nash and Edgcombe counties.

Projects that may be covered by the AFGIP grants include:

  • Any surface cleaning (though it must be accomplished in the most gentle, environmentally friendly way possible) 
  • Any signage or awning repair
  • Window or Door repair
  • Any repairs or additions of ironwork or railings a lot
  • Cornice repair and/or replacement
  • Replacement or repairing of exterior steps

The grant award is $5,000 per project. For questions on eligibility and additional details, visit the City of Rocky Mount's website.

Continuing the Renaissance Of Rocky Mount Economic Growth

If you look around, things are changing in Rocky Mount. The Douglas Block, a central part of local African-American history, has been renovated and transformed. Many businesses call that area home. The brewery incubator has tapped into the economic force of the powerful impact that breweries are making in North Carolina, representing more than $1.2 billion in annual wages from more than 200 craft breweries. 

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