Rocky Mount Police Department Opens Cold Case Division

rocky mount police cold case division

Sitting on the shelf is not an option.

In many police departments, cold cases linger on the shelf while the victims and victim’s families want justice. These cases have run cold because police have exhausted all leads and there is no new evidence.

This is not the case with the Rocky Mount Police Department, which recently created a Cold Case Homicide Task Force to help with these investigations and make sure these cases don’t sit on the shelf. The bottom line is that this will go a long way toward making Rocky Mount a safer community, and lowering the crime rate in Rocky Mount.

The Rocky Mount Police Department has cleared several cases in the past, and the Cold Case Homicide Task Force has made great strides toward clearing more.

The Cold Case Homicide Task Force

The brave men and women who walk the police “beats” across our city are dedicated to our protection. They are also instrumental in ensuring that those who commit a crime in Rocky Mount are brought to justice. 

This task force is another step forward in fighting crime in Rocky Mount. The Cold Case Homicide Task Force was created by the interim Police Chief Willie Williams to take a closer look at the city’s unsolved murders. The goal? Close the book on all cold cases and continue to make Rocky Mount a safer place.

All cases will be reviewed and all will receive equal attention as investigators look into them. The hope is that this will go a long way toward securing justice for the victim and his or her loved ones. 

Already, the reviews have led to interviews and submissions of DNA evidence to a private lab. 

What Is Involved in a Cold Case Investigation?

A case is considered “cold” when all investigative leads have been exhausted. Re-opening the case involves reviewing witness interviews and evidence.

In some situations, new witnesses may be discovered or older witnesses have to be interviewed again. Sometimes, suspects may be identified through technological advances in DNA evidence. The police also look at the criminal histories of people who are in jail for the same or similar crimes since the time the original incident.

In some instances, retired officers may be involved in helping work old cases. The fresh perspective and a new set of eyes can help develop new leads for officers to investigate. 

Advances in technology can assist with cold cases. For example, something called short tandem repeat analysis enables officials to test samples that in the past were previously considered too small. 

Rocky Mount Police Department Works with the Community to Reduce Crime

This is just one example of how the Rocky Mount Police Department is working to lower the crime rate in Rocky Mount. The department is actively involved in the community through programs such as the Citizens Police Academy.

The police department also has federal jurisdiction. This means that they can follow a lead in a case across state lines, tracking the case wherever it goes. 

If you’d like to chat with an officer over a great cup of coffee, you may wish to attend one of the monthly Coffee with a Cop events. These allow members of the community a chance to express concerns and learn more about the developments going on in the police department. For information on upcoming times and locations, call 252-972-4664.

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