Police Complete T.R.R.U.T.H Training

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The Rocky Mount Police Department has once again reaffirmed its dedication to the community as more than 20 sworn and non-sworn officers completed the T.R.R.U.T.H training program.


T.R.R.U.T.H – which stands for Taking Race Relations and Understanding To Heart – is a specific course taught by the North Carolina Justice Academy

The purpose of the course is to provide police with the insight and skills needed to manage conflicts and build trust with ethnic minorities. The courses focused on:

  • How cultural biases can play a part in daily policing
  • The impact of racial profiling
  • Discussing the barriers to strong police-community relations
  • Effective ways to work collaboratively with the community

The course, which took place in September, was a combination of classroom lecture and discussion followed by demonstration and practice. 


This is not the first year the police department has participated---officials have stated that the goal is to have every Rocky Mount Police Department employee attend a session. 

Other Initiatives Help Reduce Rocky Mount Crime

The T.R.R.U.T.H program is only one of many initiatives that law enforcement officials have implemented to support the community and fight crime in Rocky Mount. These include:

The Nextdoor Program

Social media is for much more than posting pictures of your latest trip or catching up on funny cat videos. Nextdoor is a social media channel that serves as a digital “Neighborhood Watch” group.


It’s free, private and is specifically created for your particular community or neighborhood. Rocky Mount has joined more than 210,000 communities worldwide who utilize the network. 

The Rocky Mount Police Department has a presence on Nextdoor, which is a useful crime prevention tool. It’s a great way for community members to alert the police about any suspicious activity. It also helps the police get the word out on how citizens can protect themselves. 

Nextdoor enables you to:

  • Let your neighbors know about break-ins or suspicious activity in your community
  • Track down lost pets
  • Learn more about volunteer opportunities
  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch group
  • Share valuable information in case of a natural disaster
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Gain important news from the Rocky Mount Police Department

Want to learn more? Take a look at the Rocky Mount Police Department’s Nextdoor page. 


This is a detailed computer program that provides crime statistics for valuable insight into each police officer’s “beat.”


When these details are compiled and the results analyzed, police can capture an overall “snapshot” of the best ways to reduce crime in Rocky Mount. It also allows them to see where they can best allocate resources to do the greatest good. 

CompStat – which stands for COMPuter STATistics – was developed as a crime-reduction method for New York City, and studies indicate that it can help create a 5 to 15 percent decrease in an area’s crime rate.

Green Dot Initiative

This program brings a fresh outlook to preventing crime in the community. It’s centered upon social theory, which means that it uses peer influence to create safe areas by empowering individuals in the community.


What makes the Green Dot program so successful is that it concentrates on creating a cultural change instead of overwhelming residents with informational sessions and catchy slogans.  

How does it work? Imagine this scenario:

You’ve noticed that a woman has left her purse in her car, and a suspicious-looking person is wandering near her vehicle. Under the Green Dot initiative, you’ll keep a close watch on her car and be ready to report any criminal activity. 

If you want to learn more, you can check out our previous article about the Green Dot initiative

Want to Know More About Fighting Crime in Rocky Mount?

We’re proud of our community, and we’re very thankful for our police, firefighters, emergency responders and all other civil servants who help keep us safe. If you see one of them around the community, tell them thank you!

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