Rocky Mount Police Department Has Federal Jurisdiction

rocky mount police have federal jurisdiction

It’s a scene reflected in television cop dramas so often that you can almost see it coming every time. A local cop is investigating a crime when evidence takes it into another jurisdiction, and another law enforcement team or a federal agency takes over the case.

That’s a scene that Rocky Mount police do not have to encounter as often anymore. Officers assigned to the Narcotics and Violent Offender Task Forces now have federal jurisdiction, meaning they can follow a crime wherever it leads. One of the main advantages of this is that they can gather information and conduct interviews immediately, allowing them to thoroughly investigate a case without having to wait to transfer the information to another entity.

For example, Rocky Mount police officers recently flew to Phoenix, Arizona to investigate a case where a group was accused of setting fire to a Rocky Mount rental property. The suspects had fled the Rocky Mount area after the fire. Because the case involved a fire and suspects crossing state lines, it fell under the jurisdiction of the federal department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

Typically, this is where the story would end for a local police department, but the federal jurisdiction designation meant Rocky Mount police could continue to pursue the case. Therefore, they can cross city limits, state lines, and in some cases, even work with Homeland Security Investigators to arrest suspects if they have arrived in the U.S. after committing a crime overseas.

In addition to the ATF, other federal departments such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the U.S. Marshals Service have also granted Rocky Mount Police federal jurisdiction.

Special operations units in the Rocky Mount Police Department

Officers who have this special authority are members of the police department’s Special Operations forces assigned to Narcotics and Violent Offender Task Forces. The department’s Special Operations Division is comprised of several different units that are focused on proactive enforcement. These units include:

  • Narcotics and Vice
  • Violent Offenders
  • Alcohol Enforcement Investigation
  • Gang Investigation
  • Firearms Investigation
  • Violent Fugitive (working with U.S. Marshals)
  • Courtroom Liaison
  • Public Housing Liaison
  • Reservoir Warden
  • Traffic

Police work with the community to help reduce the crime rate in Rocky Mount

Since the Rocky Mount Police Department began, it has worked closely with members of the community to fight crime and to continue to make the area a wonderful place to live. Some of these initiatives have included:

  • CompStat

Through this computer interface, crime statistics are collected and mapped so officers can carefully monitor activity in their neighborhood “beats” and spot any patterns.  CompStat was developed in 1994 as a successful crime-reduction method in New York City.

  • Green Dot Initiative

Green Dot is a strategy that encourages a new approach to violence prevention. It encourages collaboration with community leaders and local citizens to equip them with the information and skills they need to facilitate change that reduces crime. This collaboration includes encouraging community members to identify certain situations that could lead to crime---such as someone leaving their car unattended with keys in the ignition---and be ready to contact help if needed.

  • Coffee with a Cop

Once a month, community members get a chance to discuss developments with Rocky Mount police officers through the Coffee with a Cop program. For information on the time and place, call 252-972-4664.

If you’d like to know more about the Rocky Mount Police Department, we recommend attending a Coffee with a Cop or joining the Citizens Police Academy. For more information, please call 252-972-1436.

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