Get Involved in Your City: Become a Member of One of These Commissions

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The annual Unity Breakfast and oratorical contest is an incredible celebratory and inspirational event. It calls to mind not just the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (which were first uttered in Rocky Mount) but it also captures the spirit and legacy of this extraordinary leader.

And you could be a part of it.

The MLK Commission and the Human Relations Commission are responsible for bringing this event together every year. You could get involved with these commissions and help make a difference in your community and city. It’s one of the many ways you can participate in your city government. 

There are several different commissions and boards in Rocky Mount, and any vacancies are announced through the City Clerk’s office. 

Let’s look at a few of the city commissions and their roles in the community.

Rocky Mount City Commissions and Their Duties

Business Development Authority

Want to have a role in helping bring employment opportunities to Rocky Mount? Members of this non-profit corporation work with officials to recruit businesses and industries to the Twin Counties.

Historic Preservation Committee

Do you love the beautiful architecture of the People’s Bank Building downtown? Do you love exploring the historic streets by Rocky Mount Mills? If so, you might look for vacancies on the Historic Preservation Committee. This committee strives to preserve historic landmarks. 

Tree Advisory Board

A part of keeping Rocky Mount beautiful is making recommendations to the City Manager about what to do concerning shrubs and trees that are within the city limits. This includes areas that need to be trimmed or dead trees that need to be removed.

Utility Review Board

Rocky Mount has gone to great lengths to lower the utility bills for those who live within the city limits. This commission helps utility customers who have concerns about their bills and provides useful customer service and education to the community on how to save on their energy bills. 

Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities

This committee not only provides education to the community about the needs of those with disabilities, but it also strives to remove any architectural barriers for those who use a wheelchair or who have other mobility issues. The group:

  • Encourages the handicapped to be involved in the community
  • Promotes the gainful employment of those with disabilities
  • Serves as an advisory agency to those who have disabilities

The Planning Board

This board examines zoning issues to ensure growth and development in Rocky Mount occurs in a streamlined and harmonious fashion. It also handles rezoning requests.

The bottom line? A group of concerned citizens can transform your community.

So often, we all express concerns but don’t take the initiative to make our community, city, and even our world, a better place. We’re very fortunate that Rocky Mount provides a wide variety of commissions to offer citizens the opportunity to take a more active role in city government. If you want to become a member of these commissions, you’ll first have to check with the City Clerk’s office to confirm if there is a seat that needs to be filled. You can then apply for these commissions, and ultimately, the members will be selected by the City Council.
If you’d like more information on these commissions, you can view them at the city’s website.


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