The Top Ten Things We’re Thankful for in Rocky Mount

rocky mount lakeIt’s been decades since that first post office was established near the “rocky mound,” the area we have come to know and love has transformed and continues to grow, change and develop. Whether you’ve lived in Rocky Mount your entire life or you’re a recent transplant just getting to know the area, we know you likely have a mental list of all the Rocky Mount things for which you are thankful.

Top Ten Things We’re Thankful for in Rocky Mount, NC

We took a look at some things about Rocky Mount that we consider wonderful blessings:

10. A rich architectural heritage

Whether you like the art deco-type style of the People’s Bank building or you like the antebellum charm of Stonewall Manor, there is a lot of varied architecture throughout our city. 

9. Loft apartments in downtown Rocky Mount

Why are we thankful for apartments? Well, in addition to being stylish and trendy, the downtown loft renovation signifies much more than a place to live; it demonstrates the growth and positive changes occurring around Main Street. 

8. Good eating

Whether you prefer the wood-fired delicacies of the Smokehouse or you prefer the famous hot dogs and burgers at the Central Café, one thing is clear: Rocky Mount knows how to prepare a good meal!  


7. Rocky Mount Mills

This renovated, historic area is a great addition to Rocky Mount and helps the city fight unemployment

6. The Event Center

We firmly believe that this center will be another facet of the city’s successful plan for economic development.


5. The Biotechnology and Medical Simulation Center downtown

This represents so much more than a state-of-the-art facility—it means that local students will have the training and tools needed to establish a successful career in a competitive job market. 


4. Downtown Activities

Want to check out the best barbecue in the region? How about looking at some classic cars? Perhaps a wonderful, family friendly movie on a perfect summer night is more your taste. These and more are all part of the wonderful events going on in downtown Rocky Mount. 

3. The Douglas Block

Rocky Mount’s rich African-American history has paved the way for positive race relations in the city. 

2. The Martin Luther King tape discovered at N.C. State University

Of course, locals knew that parts of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” made their first debut in Rocky Mount.  However, there’s a difference between knowing something from your memory and being able to show it – and prove it -- to the rest of the world.

Enter a remastered recording discovery from N.C. State. According to an article from the Raleigh News and Observer

It [the recording]  “mysteriously appeared” in Braswell Memorial Library in Rocky Mount, where the staff had no equipment to play it. Miller noticed “Please Do Not Erase” penciled on the box. Transformed to digital format, it is now confirmed that King gave Rocky Mount listeners the first taste of his “I have a dream” speech delivered in Washington, D.C., nine months later.

1. People

Okay, we confess: this always makes its way to the top of our lists. But can you blame us? There’s more to Rocky Mount than former residents who have “made it big.” It represents friendly neighbors waving to you from front porches and residents who are always striving to make the world a better place. 

There’s more to love about Rocky Mount

We previously did another top ten list that mentioned some different items that demonstrate there’s a lot to like about Rocky Mount. Check it out. If you think our lists have missed anything, let us know about it on our Facebook page

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