How Much Do You Know About Stonewall Manor – Take Our Quiz

stonewall manor history in rocky mountYou can see a beautiful, stately manor sitting on the top of a grassy hill as you drive along highway 64. It’s a local treasure named Stonewall Manor, built by Bennett Bunn and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its classic, antebellum structure has made it a Rocky Mount landmark.

This year, organizers and volunteers are seeking funds to help renovate and repair this gorgeous architectural treasure. But how much do you know about  Stonewall Manor? Take our quiz to find out. Scroll down to find the answers and to learn how you can help with Stonewall’s restoration.

1. Why is it called Stonewall?
2. The first renovations to the manor didn’t start until Stonewall was purchased in 1916 for $15,000 by what company?
3. While there may be a few skeptics here at the Rocky Mount Review, there have been reports of ghostly activity centering around what area of the house? 

4. What organization serves as the caretaker of Stonewall Manor?

5. What year was Stonewall Manor built?


1. Stonewall manner is named after the heavy granite wall bordering its front lawn.

2. Rocky Mount Mills.

3. The third floor. Stories have abounded about seeing a child around this part of the house. This historian believes that the ghostly presence may center around a young child who died of meningitis. 

4. Nash County Historical Association.

5. 1830.

Would you like to visit Stonewall Manor?

Throughout the year, regular tours are given of Stonewall Manor. For information on these tours or on how to arrange a private tour, call 252-442-0063. Tour admission is $5. 

Preserving the future of Stonewall

The website for Stonewall Manor mentions that the building needs major renovations and extensive repairs to preserve it for future generations. Some of the needed repairs include:

  • A new roof
  • Exterior renovations
  • Painting
  • Tree removal
  • Updating the grounds

The Friends of Stonewall Manner is seeking to raise $200,000 to help with this project. You can visit their web page to contribute or to learn more

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