Five Ways Rocky Mount Residents Can Save on Their Energy Bills

save money on energy bills in rocky mount

It may seem too early to worry about winter's chill, but some simple planning steps now will help Rocky Mount residents save money on their energy bill. We’ve compiled five different ways you can save:


1. Take advantage of free heating, a.k.a sunlight.

This is a simple, free action that can save a significant amount of money over the long-term.  Open curtains to enable your home to take advantage of the sunlight that naturally heats your home. At night, do the opposite—you may get a chill from cold windows, so be sure to close your curtains at night.

2. Eliminate drafts.

Take a careful inventory of your home and make sure to seal any drafts. Pay close attention to the area around windows and under doors. Consider installing insulating drapes or shades on windows. There are also some useful window treatments and coverings that can improve efficiency. 

3. Keep an eye on your thermostat.

There's no question that keeping a close watch on your thermostat will help keep your energy bill to reasonable levels. In fact, if you turn it back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours, you will save roughly 10 percent a year on heating and cooling bills. Rocky Mount Public Utilities (RMPU) recommends setting the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months to maximize comfort and savings. A programmable thermostat is also a useful dollar-saver.

4. Keep your heating system in good shape.

The time to evaluate your heating system is not in the middle of December. Take time now to schedule a maintenance visit with HVAC professionals who can help stop a problem before it starts. This is even more important as your HVAC system approaches ten years of age.

5. Get an energy audit.

RMPU offers free energy audits to help residential customers learn ways to save energy. Energy audits include a walk-through of the home to look for potential savings in electricity, natural gas, water and sewer usage. The walk-through includes looking in the attic, crawl space and interior of the home. During the audit, customers also receive a free energy kit that includes light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, an air filter whistle and two digital thermometers. Customers may sign up for an energy audit by calling (252) 972-1250 or visiting this link on the city’s website

The city of Rocky Mount also offers a weatherization rebate program called Energy Share to  help residential customers make their homes energy efficient. Through Energy Share, the city’s electric or natural gas customers can receive a cash rebate of up to $500 for work related to attic weatherization, up to $1,000 for a replacement HVAC system, and/or up to $250 for duct work. 

These are some effective methods you can implement to save energy. Want more good news? The city of Rocky Mount recently worked with the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA) to lower energy bills for Rocky Mount customers. Read about it here. 

Know someone in need? The W.A.R.M. Program can help!

The W.A.R.M. program –Winter Assistance for Rocky Mount – helps certain low-income customers pay their energy bills. The Salvation Army administers this program that provides funds to pay for gas, coal, wood, oil or electricity. Payments are made directly to the company providing the fuel source---not to individuals. 

Those eligible for assistance include:
  • Those who are 60 years of age or older
  • Those with a documented disability
  • Those who are recently unemployed (within the last 90 days) due to company closing or downsizing

This program is funded entirely by contributions. All donations are tax deductible. City residents can help by making donations through their monthly bill. They may also "round up" their bill to the nearest dollar to contribute to W.A.R.M.

The Rocky Mount Review previously featured a video that gave some important information about the W.A.R.M program
Remember, "winter is coming." Although it's a bit too soon to pull out your wool sweaters in September, the time to prepare for a comfortable and energy-efficient winter is now.

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