Rocky Mount NC in Books, TV and Movies

rocky mount in books tv and moviesLights, camera, action!

While Wilmington and Asheville may get top billing for North Carolina filming locations, there have also been quite a few film crews who have left their mark on Nash County, and Rocky Mount in particular. From popular books to movies, our city has been a backdrop to silver screen stories.


Rocky Mount in Movies

Some of the movies that were filmed in Rocky Mount include:

Love Field
Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, this story centers around a Dallas housewife who was devastated by Kennedy’s assassination. Despite her husband’s protests, she plans to attend the funeral in Washington D.C. Other cast members include Dennis Haysbert (you may recognize him as the actor who played President David Palmer on the popular TV series, “24.”)  Pfeiffer earned an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for her performance. 


The Inkwell 
The International Movie Database describes “The Inkwell:”

A shy, troubled young man who set his own house on fire and has an imaginary friend, is sent to a vineyard where he finds himself in the middle of his political-arguing, party-loving family and his love torn between two girls.

A note to our readers -- we certainly do hope you check out some of the movies filmed in Rocky Mount, but we also want you to be sure it is age-appropriate for those in your household. Love Field is rated PG-13, and The Inkwell is rated R. You know your family and only you can determine what would be appropriate. (We try to stay family friendly here at the Rocky Mount Review.) 

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Literary Rocky Mount

We’re very blessed to a lot of accomplished Nash County natives who are local authors. 

Best-selling author Kaye Gibbons was raised in Rocky Mount and used the rural landscapes and character of the area as the setting for her breakthrough novel Ellen Foster. Allen Gurganus, author of The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All also drew from his experiences growing up in Rocky Mount.

Even one of America’s literary icons incorporated Rocky Mount into his work.  Jack Kerouac frequently visited Rocky Mount during the summers, and the city is called “Testament, VA” in his ground-breaking novel, On the Road.

Even James Patterson’s Alex Cross has had adventures in Rocky Mount, such as in “Four Blind Mice” where is tries to track down a killer. It contains gems such as this line:

Thomas Starkey had been born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and he still loved the area passionately. So did most of his neighbors. He'd been away for long stretches while he was in the Army, but now he was back to stay, and to raise his family as best he possibly could.

What happens next? Is Starkey the killer? Or is he an ally to help Alex Cross? Confession: we’ve not read the book. We’re sure it’s probably available at the Braswell Memorial Library

Nash County Natives on Television

Nash County has had some of its native sons appear on television as well. Band Leader Kay Kyser was born in Rocky Mount in 1905 and later received his degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was the “ol’ Professor” on the popular television show: “Kay Kyser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge” that ran on NBC TV for 2 seasons. 

Another television personality who was born in Rocky Mount is Earle Hyman, who played Russell Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.”


It’s great to live in Rocky Mount!

Of course, you don’t need fantastic scenery or stellar acting to know what residents have known for decades: when it comes to natural landscapes, great barbecue and friendly faces, the spotlight has always shone brightly on Rocky Mount.

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