Four Reasons Why Rocky Mount is the Perfect Location for Your Business

starting a business in rocky mountLooking for a place to start your business? Perhaps you’re considering an expansion or opening another branch office. What are the main considerations?

Well, you'd want a place that has easy access to major interstates so you could easily transport your product. You'd want to be in an area that has excellent educational opportunities for your employees and their families. There would have to be great recreational and cultural activities to help your company attract the best talent. 

Then of course, there are less tangible aspects of an area, such as friendly neighbors, gorgeous scenery and a strong sense of community.

Rocky Mount fits all these criteria and then some.

Rocky Mount is a combination of friendly faces, a revitalized downtown and entrepreneurial opportunities. The Brewmill is generating a lot of buzz, and renovated urban loft apartments are drawing young career professionals to the area. 

If you need any evidence, look no further than the downtown’s recent accolade of being named a "Great Main Street in the Making."

We can think of more than five reasons that make Rocky Mount the perfect location for your business, but we'll only list five here. 

    1. You can take advantage of Rocky Mount’s downtown development opportunities.

    Ever wish you had gotten involved in a great project on the "ground level"? The city offers several opportunities to invest in downtown and take advantage of the blossoming Main Street area. In addition, the city is in the process of building an events center 

    that will bring more foot traffic — and potential customers — downtown.

    Businesses have the perfect opportunity to get in on the "ground level," taking advantage of the many available properties in Rocky Mount’s historic downtown.  The city maintains an up-to-date list of them. 

  • Don't forget: location, location, location.

  • Rocky Mount has the best of both worlds: it's the perfect size to offer a strong sense of community, but not so big that you'll have to fight gridlock traffic on the way to work every day. Rocky Mount is almost halfway between New York and Florida, located strategically along the I-95 U.S. 64 corridor. 

    Rocky Mount is also only a few hours away from the Research Triangle and NC State, Duke and the University of North Carolina colleges.

    The city keeps a list of demographic information, including distances from major cities, available for anyone considering relocating or starting a business. 

  • Rocky Mount has wonderful local resources.

  • Owning and operating a business doesn't happen in a vacuum. Support from the community can make a huge difference in whether or not your company is successful. When industries evaluate whether or not to locate into a certain area, they look at much more than the economic climate of the area, they also examine the quality of life and resources available to the business and its employees.

    The Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce has an extensive array of resources and networking expertise to help you — and you don't even have to be a member to take advantage of some of their programs. 

    There are also organizations such as SpringBoard NC, which offers support for area entrepreneurs. With so many resources on your side, it helps you succeed. 

  • Rocky Mount has a vital arts and recreation community.

  • You want to draw the top talent to your team, and they’re not going to relocate to an area where there's nothing to do. Rocky Mount has a fantastic children's museum, planetarium, community theatre and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities that your employees and their families will enjoy.  The city hosts more than 30 events a year.

    All eyes are on Rocky Mount.

    At a recent North Carolina Mayor's conference, Rocky Mount was the center of conversation. Officials lauded the city’s dedication to downtown development and even toured the brewmill, using it as an example of the ambition, vision and "can do" attitude of Eastern NC. 

    Is your business interested in coming to Rocky Mount? We've listed a few of the pluses here, but you should also check out the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce for additional information. 

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