Craft Breweries Bring Employment Opportunities to Rocky Mount

Brewmill fights Rocky Mount unemployment It’s not every day that the governor swings by to have a beer and talk about economic development. When it happens, you know good things are in store for your area.

N.C. Governor Roy Cooper recently visited the Rocky Mount Mills to sign a state proclamation declaring April as Beer Month. Gov. Cooper emphasized that the craft beer industry has had a huge impact on North Carolina’s economy.  


According to the Rocky Mount Telegram, breweries support 10,000 jobs across the state, representing a $1.2 billion industry

The Rocky Mount Brewmill at Rocky Mount Mills provides mentoring and innovation for those seeking to establish a craft brewery. Combined with the Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation Degree program at Nash Community College, the Brewmill offers a wealth of information that provides entrepreneurs the tools needed for their startups to succeed. 

To complement the wonderful things going on at the Brewmill, Rocky Mount Mills is gearing up for a summer of special activities.

Summer Music Series at the Rocky Mount Mills

Good food, cold beer—the only thing missing is music. 

Not anymore.

Rocky Mount Mills recently announced that they will have a free outdoor concert series throughout the summer. The concerts are made possible through sponsorships by Schoolkids Records and WUNC.

There’s a great line-up featuring a wide variety of acts, starting with Hiss Golden Messenger on April 29. 

Other performances include:

Southern Culture on the Skids on May 18 
Chatham County Line on June 16
Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ on July 14
Dom Flemons on Aug. 11 
and a “surprise finale” on Sept. 8.

All of these elements – the Brewmill, the restaurants, the Rocky Mount Mill Village renovation--- work together to provide employment opportunities in Rocky Mount.

How does Rocky Mount Mills / Brewmill contribute to job development in Rocky Mount?

Well, let’s imagine a vision of the future courtesy of the Rocky Mount Review’s crystal ball. (For the record, we don’t actually have  a crystal ball, it’s just a metaphor. So don’t call us asking about winning lottery numbers).

Imagine a Rocky Mount version of Duplin County wine country.

Officials have said they can picture a time when the Brewmill at Rocky Mount Mills will make Nash County and Rocky Mount synonymous with quality craft beer, just as Duplin County is known for its wineries. To fully appreciate the scope of this vision, let’s take a journey down U.S. 64.

Imagine a couple en route to the Outer Banks for a short vacation. They see signs about the wonderful Rocky Mount breweries and decide to investigate. 

Once our imaginary guests visit Rocky Mount Mills, they stop by TBC West & Tacos restaurant and order a meal. While there, our couple sees some information about downtown Rocky Mount and decides to check it out. 

This short detour brings them to the renovated downtown. Now, thanks to a design that is more pedestrian-friendly, it’s easier for them to park and stroll down the streets to get a feel for the architecture and history of the area. It also guides them into local stores where they can support local businesses.

They’re surprised to discover that this is the birthplace of jazz---Thelonious Monk was born in Rocky Mount. They browse the local shops in Monk square. They are huge jazz fans.


 When they discover that the Prime Smokehouse has live music –and some mighty tasty ribs—well, their short side trip becomes much longer. It’s too much to do in one day, so they decide that on their way back from the Outer Banks, they’ll stop back by Rocky Mount. 

Think of the many people with whom this couple has had contact, and consider the jobs involved:

Waiters, chefs and dishwashers at restaurants
Retailers who sell craft brewery
Downtown merchants 
Musicians who perform at local venues
Hotel employees (for when the couple plans a return trip)

All it took was one simple detour to transform the life of this couple and demonstrate how craft breweries can create jobs in Rocky Mount

While our story is fictitious, we don’t believe its pure fantasy. After all, that’s how many of our wonderful residents discovered Rocky Mount. Perhaps they were passing through or knew a relative who lived here. All it takes is a small taste of our hometown hospitality to create a new beginning.

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