Just for Fun: Can You Name These Common Rocky Mount Landmarks?

Let’s take a closer look at Rocky Mount—literally.

While most are familiar with some of the more well-known Rocky Mount landmarks, could you identify these locations at close range? We’ve taken photographs of common Rocky Mount places and provided a hint. See if you can guess where these shots were taken. (Answers at the end of the article---no peeking!)

1. This is located at a place that contributed to the city’s name.

2. You’ll find this colorful pattern downtown representing what business?


3. These statues are on the lawn of what Rocky Mount organization?



4. Can you guess the name of this park with only partial information from its plaque?



5. Gorgeous windows! They are one of the many architectural beauties featured on this building.



6. What is written above the large windows on this building?



7. Where will you find this?


8. Go through these doors to see the newest, high-tech edition to downtown. What is it?



1. This is the gazebo at Battle Park, near the “rocky mound” for which Rocky Mount was named.
2. You’ll find this on the side of the building housing the Bel Air Artisan’s Center.
3. These statues are outside the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences
4. This plaque describes Battle Park.
5. The windows are featured on the People’s Bank building
6. The writing on the building reads: J.J. Harper’s Books.
7. This colorful mural can be found in Harambee Square.
8. This is Edgecombe Community College’s Biotechnology and Medical Simulation Center 

We hope you’ve enjoyed a quick photographic tour of some of the great sites in Rocky Mount.  The city has a wonderfully rich heritage, from its connection to Martin Luther King Jr to the downtown renovation Renaissance, Rocky Mount has a lot to offer. 

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