CSX Expansion Will Bring Jobs to Rocky Mount






Beyond the soothing, familiar rattle of the train rolling through downtown is a piece of history. The railroads are closely intertwined with Rocky Mount’s development, dating back to 1845, when the Wilmington-Weldon Railroad became the main hub through the city. Now, a new era is dawning as a part of the railroad’s legacy.

The Rocky Mount area has been selected as the location for the CSX railroad Carolina Connector intermodal terminal. It will battle local unemployment by providing up to 300 construction jobs and 300 permanent terminal jobs in Rocky Mount.  Statewide, the project will provide roughly 1,500 jobs.

New jobs coming to the Rocky Mount area!

It’s an exciting moment in the city’s history. Organizations such as the Carolinas Gateway Partnership have worked hard in conjunction with the Governor’s office and CSX to transform this from a dream to reality. This type of accomplishment is not possible without extensive teamwork. The terminal will not only provide better transportation options for local businesses, but it’ll also create high-paying jobs and spur economic growth in the Twin Counties.

Why did CSX choose the Twin Counties?


While locals can easily point to the great qualities of Rocky Mount, CSX saw several of the potential benefits, including:

  • Strategic location on the CSX network
  • Proximity to Raleigh market
  • Proximity to existing CSX operations
  • Strong community ties and a history of working with Rocky Mount
  • Location near I-95
  • Proximity to two planned corridors:
  • Interstate 87 from the Triangle to Norfolk, Va.
  • Interstate 42 form the Triangle to Morehead City

The 500-acre facility will be located along U.S. 301 in Edgecombe County, and it represents a $272 million investment.  That means the Twin Counties will be on the map as a major logistics hub.  

The terminal represents $310 million in public benefits and an added $125 million to the state economy.

CSX: A Good Environmental Citizen

Not only does the terminal represent an incredible economic benefit to fight unemployment in the Rocky Mount area, but it also reduces exhaust fume emissions--- transferring cargo from trucks to trains means reducing CO2 emissions. This will be the equivalent of removing 138,000 cars off the road.  

The terminal will be designed to have a minimal impact on the surrounding community and the environment. These elements include

  • Electric, zero-emission wide-span cranes
  • Noise reduction
  • Directional lighting
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Automated gate system that helps with traffic flow
  • Efficient water quality management techniques

Timeline for the CSX Hub Project

3 phases to the CSX project:

  1. 2016 – 2017 : Preliminary engineering and design
  2. 2018 : Permitting process and construction
  3. 2020: Construction completed and terminal operations commencing

In a CSX informational fact sheet, the company emphases its dedication of investing in and partnering with the communities it serves:

Throughout this process, CSX will communicate openly via project updates and community meetings to answer questions and address potential concerns. CSX is committed to developing a terminal that positively impacts Rocky Mount and blends into the local surroundings. As a long-standing partner of Rocky Mount and the Twin Counties, we look forward to building on our already strong partnerships with local organizations to help make a great community even greater.

The CSX project opens a new chapter in Rocky Mount’s future---and we have a feeling it’s a going to be a bright one.

Watch a little bit from Leonard Wiggins, Chairman of the County Commission, talk about CMX's decision to bring this Intramobile Depot to Rocky Mount:

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