Crime Reduction Initiatives in Rocky Mount, NC

rocky mount nc police lower crimeYou can’t argue with results.

Over the past three years, there has been a steady decrease in Rocky Mount’s crime rate, a perfect example of what can happen when new city initiatives help with fighting crime. The Rocky Mount Police Department (RMPD) has implemented several strategies, including ShotSpotter, Green Dot, Focused Deterrence Violent Crime Reduction Call-in and others.

In short, the programs are making a difference, and the Rocky Mount Police Department will continue to work with the community to continue this trend.

Rocky Mount Crime Statistics

In 2015, there was a 15 percent drop in property crime and a 16 percent reduction in violent crime, marking a 37-year low. 

Previous statistics were also promising. From 2013 to 2014, Rocky Mount crime rates demonstrated:

  • A 16 percent decrease in individual robbers and property crime.
  • A 10.9 percent increase in violent and dangerous crimes, which included shootings.
  • A 45 percent decrease in commercial robberies

Police Chief James Moore said several factors can help make cities less dangerous. These include working with concerned citizens and empowering communities so they will not tolerate crime. Innovative programs, such as those listed below, have also contributed significantly to the decrease.

ShotSpotter: Helping Police Immediately Know About Gunshots in Rocky Mount

ShotSpotter is a gunshot detection system that provides police with real-time and immediate location data. As a result, not only do police have more information for forensic investigations and analysis, but the data keeps first responders safe.

New Phone Call Program Aims to Check-in with Criminal Offenders

Criminal offenders got a wake-up call: The Rocky Mount Police Department gave them a personalized warning. The RMPD said it was vital for the offenders to make the right choices or face even worse consequences.  Many of these offenders were on thin ice with the justice system—one more violation could mean facing federal charges.

The phone message was simple. There’s hope. You can change. There are groups to help you.

The Program: Focus Deterrence Violent Crime Reduction Call-in

The event arranged for guest speakers from the Drug Enforcement Agency, federal and state parole officers, community businesses and religious organizations to let offenders know they could still turn their lives around.  Inmates were also made aware of the resources that could help them transform their lives and help them become productive, law-abiding citizens in the community. These resources include Project Reentry, N.E.W. Reentry and the Rocky Mount Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC).

Every person reached meant another chance for a life to be transformed.

Other Initiatives for Fighting Crime in Rocky Mount

  • The RMPD Gang Unit concentrates on stopping violence resulting from gang activity.
  •  Police 2 Citizen Website: Residents can search for arrest and incident reports. The website also has information on fugitives and missing persons.
  •  The Green Dot Initiative: helps citizens take a proactive approach to stopping crime. 
  • Coffee with a Cop: provides a chance for residents to discuss their concerns with RMPD officers.

The Know Your Rights Symposium

The Know Your Rights Symposium provided answers for the most commonly asked questions about law enforcement procedures. RMPD officers provided residents with answers about their constitutional rights and police procedures.

The Rocky Mount Police Department continues to provide collaborative opportunities for those interested in fighting crime and making the community a better place. It’s even more exciting when these efforts produce tangible results. 

If you’d like to speak with the dedicated men and women of the RMPD, have a cup of coffee at the next Coffee with a Cop event. You can find information on the department’s Facebook page.

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