Gig City: Rocky Mount and Suddenlink Offer Stellar Internet Speed


I1G internet speed rocky mountf you missed "The Revenant" when it was in theatres, you're probably tired of all your friends talking about the incredible fight scene between the bear and Leonardo DiCaprio. When the movie is available on Netflix, Amazon Video or any other online video outlet, you want to view it as soon as possible—and in HD.

But depending upon your internet connection, downloading or streaming can take a while. Haven’t you waited long enough to see this movie? If you’re a Rocky Mount resident, that wait is now much shorter.

What is a Gig City?

Rocky Mount, NC made news by being one of the first two cities in North Carolina to be selected as a Gig City, meaning residents now have access to blazing 1G/per second internet speed. The other city was Greenville, NC. Only 8 percent of U.S. cities have access to 1G speed.One gigabit per second (aka, 1G) is one of the fastest internet speeds available.

This means that it will only take 24 seconds to download a 2-hour HD movie. By comparison, a download with a DSL line would take 4,000 seconds (roughly an hour). Other types of wireless internet services can make the movie available in a couple of minutes.

Being a Gig City Attracts New Businesses & Jobs to Rocky Mount

For local businesses, the speed gives them another tool for economic growth, particularly if they have international clients. It will also help the city attract new businesses and industries. 

David Joyner, the vice chairman of the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce, was quoted in the Rocky Mount Telegram, stating that being a Gig City will go long way toward future growth.

"This says a lot about our community and the way the business world sees us as an attractive area to do business and that we're growing within the business sector," Joyner said.

It also represents a sizable investment. Suddenlink plans to invest up to $230 million in the Rocky Mount area to continually enhance Internet speeds, according to Jared Sonne, Suddenlink’s North Carolina senior vice president of operations.

Domino Effect: Why 1G Internet Speed Is Important

Consider this: growing technology and biomedical industries need super-fast Internet. If not, they may miss out on grants, foundation donations, patents or other opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

These companies are looking for areas where 1G access is already established.

Students with access to these speeds will easily navigate online programs and tests, making them more competitive in the job market and for colleges.

If you have any doubt about the effectiveness, look no further than Danville, Virginia. After 135 miles of gigabit fiber enabled the city to offer this high-speed access, Danville was able to recruit several companies, including a Microsoft data center. That one data center meant a $500 million capital investment.

Inc., Magazine recently conducted a survey analyzing the relationship between patents, start-ups and access to high-speed internet. It discovered that the countries with the fastest internet also had the largest number of patents.

It's great to be first.

By working with Suddenlink, and becoming a Gig City, Rocky Mount has sweetened the pot for potential business investors and paved the way for more jobs and lower unemployment.

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