5 Ways Rocky Mount Mills Fights Unemployment


craft brewery jobs in rocky mount nc10,000 jobs statewide.When you look at that figure, don’t merely see a statistic.

Think of the men, women and families involved.

Think of the economic impact on cities and towns throughout North Carolina.

Think of the transformation of downtowns and revitalization of historic downtown buildings.

Think of it as $300 million in annual wages, representing a $1.2 billion economic impact.

When you’re done thinking about those figures, you’ll never look at Rocky Mount Mills the same way again.

Craft Breweries Have a Major Economic Impact on North Carolina

Within the last five years, craft breweries have had a major economic impact on North Carolina.This has had a positive, domino effect on local job market. Jobs aren't just created within the brewery itself, but throughout the city. This includes truckers who deliver the beer to the retailers who sell it.

According to Fortune magazine, craft beer has a bigger impact on the U.S. economy than wine  or video games. 

Taste of the Tar Heel State

North Carolina’s microbrewery beer culture is quickly becoming one of the best. With more
than 100 craft breweries, it boasts more than any other in the South. The North Carolina Craft Brewery Guild has a map of them all  if you'd like to make a road trip (with a designated driver, of course.)

Here's a toast to some of the statistics:

  • In 2015, North Carolina saw the second largest increase in the number of barrels of beer produced in the United States.
  • North Carolina has more breweries than any other Southern state – and more than 30 new breweries are planning to open by the end of 2016.
  • In 2012, the economic impact of craft beer in North Carolina was around $791 million.
  • In 2010, there were 45 craft breweries in North Carolina. In 2015, there were more than 120.

So what makes North Carolina – and more specifically, Rocky Mount – a perfect place for beer o’ clock? Blame it on the wonderful agricultural heritage.Sweet potatoes, blueberries, blackberries and other natural Carolina farm-fresh ingredients definitely make a brewski from the old North State something to smile about.


Creating Jobs in Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount has hopped on board this amber economic boost that will help fight
unemployment. There are many ways our citiy benefits, but following are five ways Rocky Mount Mills contributes to job creation.


  1. Jobs at the Brewery - Rocky Mount
    Look no further than the wonderful, tasty menu at Sweet Tater's to see evidence of how breweries are about much more than a cold one. Many breweries offer lunch and dinner specials, which creates a need for wait staff, cooks, and hostesses. Even better, many use local resources for a complete farm to table experience.

  2. Distribution, Delivery & Truck Driving Jobs
    Those hand-crafted six-packs have to be delivered to stores across the country by truck drivers and logistical support staff. Breweries provide security to transportation jobs that already exist and may indirectly contribute to creating more.

  3. Accommodations, Hotel & Hospitality Jobs
    Strategically located at the intersection of 64 and 95, Rocky Mount is a perfect place for a stopover, particularly if you’re making the drive from New York to Florida. The historic Rocky Mount Mills and craft breweries provide another incentive for passersby to check into a local hotel and spend an afternoon sampling some of the finest ales and lagers.

    During an earlier visit to Rocky Mount, Gov. Pat McCrory said he could imagine a time when Nash County would be to craft brews what Duplin County is to wineries.

  4. The Domino Effect: Jobs in All Industries Across Rocky Mount
    There's more to Rocky Mount Mills than the brewery incubators. The area is a part of a major revitalization project led by Capitol Broadcasting Corporation, the leading force behind the American Tobacco Warehouse restoration in Durham.

    What does that mean? It means restoration spreads to some of the wonderful mill houses in the historic mill village. Of course, rental communities need managers, maintenance workers, restoration contractors, office workers and others.

  5. Incentive for Industries Looking for a Vibrant City
    Companies want to move to areas where there is a thriving local culture, where residents embrace the future, and there are numerous recreational activities. Rocky Mount Mills complements other Rocky Mount innovations-- such as 1GB internet—in attracting new industries, and new jobs, to the area.

    Whether you prefer a deep, dark stout or the lighter touch of a Belgian wit, breweries are about much more than wetting your whistle. True craftsmanship lies in finding that sweet spot where innovation, community and prosperity meet.
That's great news for Rocky Mount!
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