Great News! Crime in Rocky Mount, NC is at 37-year Low

Rocky Mount, NC Lowers Crime For the second year in a row, Rocky Mount officials reported that the violent crime rate has dropped significantly, thanks in part to community policing initiatives and police/resident partnerships.


Statistics on the Crime Rate Dropping in Rocky Mount

In 2015, there was a 15 percent drop in property crime and a 16 percent reduction in violent crime. 

"This report is a testament to the ongoing, outstanding work of Rocky Mount Police Department personnel," Police Chief James Moore said in an article published on WNCN’s website.  "I am encouraged by these reductions in crime, demonstrating an ongoing partnership between the community and the men and women of the Rocky Mount Police Department," Moore said.

Recent Police Initiatives

The police department has started several initiatives in the past year that Moore says contributed to their success. These programs include:

  • The Green Dot Initiative
    Through this program, citizens are encouraged to take a proactive approach to crime prevention, implementing proactive techniques using positive peer pressure and cultural influence.
  • Coffee with a Cop
    This provides an informal, casual atmosphere for citizens to discuss their concerns with the police.
  • Know Your Rights Symposium 
    This seminar provided residents information on their constitutional rights and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about law enforcement procedures. This program was so successful that it captured the attention of the national media and was featured in a Los Angeles Times article.
  • National Night Out Against Crime
  • Vacation House Watch
  • School Resource Officer Program
  • Social Media Outreach Like Alerts on Facebook & Twitter

Training & Education for Rocky Mount Police Force

Police completed 593 training classes for a total of more than 29,249 hours. This included the Fair and Impartial Policing program. Its goal was to help officers be more effective at handling disorder problems and solving crimes.

The training emphasizes the importance of unbiased action and d creating a community that is proactive in crime prevention. The Rocky Mount Police Department was among the first departments in the state to have all of its officers complete the training. 

Another popular program is the Citizens Police Academy. This program provides citizens with insight into the challenges facing today’s law enforcement. The academy seeks to prevent public misunderstanding about what police do, as well as provide an opportunity for feedback and suggestions. If you’re interested in the Citizens Police Academy, you can download an application

Using Technology to Reduce Crime 

Technology has also been a key factor in crime reduction. The executive staff of the police department uses the CompStat model. Through this, twice a month, crime trends and statistics are analyzed, with a specific focus on the most serious crimes. The police then plan their crime prevention strategies accordingly, targeting the most vulnerable areas.

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