New Biotechnology and Medical Simulation Center Opens Downtown

Edgecombe Community College Helps Revitalize Downtown Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount biotechnology center

At Edgecombe Community College, there is much more to classes than lectures and taking notes. Today’s health science students will be getting hands-on education through the latest technological innovations. The future has arrived, and it’s paving the way for the next generation of professionals.


Edgecombe Community College (ECC) recently opened the doors of its new Biotechnology and Medical Simulation Center, which will accommodate the growing number of health sciences students, as well as provide a realistic, virtual experience working with simulated "patients." This $9.8 million state-of-the-art facility is located on Tarboro Street in downtown Rocky Mount, NC.


Innovative Revitalization in Rocky Mount

More than half of the college’s health sciences programs are headquartered in the building. What makes the center so innovative is that classrooms simulate emergency rooms, operating rooms, intensive care units and nursing stations. It will house 12 of the health sciences program courses, including phlebotomy, surgical technology and respiratory therapy.


The health science program at Edgecombe Community College has experienced steady growth throughout the last five years, and the new facility will provide the additional space needed to expand and offer additional classes.

Preparing for Jobs in Rocky Mount NC

College officials also plan to eventually offer a certificate in central sterile processing and an occupational therapy assistant degree. The new building comes at the right time, as the job market for health care careers looks bright.

How do simulators help students? Through this technology, health science students are able to train for life-threatening emergencies in a safe and risk-free environment. Imagine being able to assist in a simulated surgery, stabilize “patients” in an emergency room and get immediate feedback on how you handled the situation.

 On occasion, instructors may also pretend to be family members of the patients, which gives students a chance to develop their intrapersonal skills.This type of hands-on simulation has been implemented in colleges across the country and is the way in which clinical staff are trained.

Dr. Deborah Lamm, president of ECC, said the college had a responsibility to provide the latest teaching technology available to help students. The Biotechnology and Medical Simulation Center prepares students for real-life situations before they start their clinical rotations.

Training Health Care Students in a Clinical Setting

This training also aids students in another way—it shows them the importance of working together with other members of a health care team. This gives them an extra dose of confidence because when they go into a clinical setting, students feel like they have been performing the job for years.

Edgecombe Community College
began in 1968 and has grown to have campuses in both Tarboro and Rocky Mount. The college serves roughly 9,500 students a year.

Edgecombe Community College has even created a video that provides additional information on the many benefits of the center. Next time you’re in downtown Rocky Mount, take a look at the expansion going on at Edgecombe Community College!
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