Can Rocky Mount's Lower Cost of Living Help Fight Poverty?

cost of living in Rocky Mount NC

How far does your dollar go?

One of the most important aspects to consider before taking a new job or relocating is the cost of living. Rocky Mount, NC is fortunate to have plentiful resources to enhance the quality of life and to be a city where residents can enjoy one of the lowest costs of living in North Carolina.

A lower cost of living can affect every aspect of a city: it can reduce unemployment by enticing new businesses and industries, and it can fight poverty by offering more affordable alternatives than living in larger--and more expensive--areas.

Start Class, an educational and employment research website, calculated the cost of living for major cities throughout North Carolina. Rocky Mount is much more affordable than cities such as Greenville, Raleigh and Durham. 

Examining the Numbers: Cost of Living in Rocky Mount

The average nationwide cost of living index is 100. Anything above 100 means the cost of living is higher than the national average. Likewise, less than 100 shows that expenses are below the average. (To help put these averages in a nationwide context, Manhattan in New York City clocks in with a cost of living around 216 and the Washington D.C. area is 140.) 
Rocky Mount demonstrated an overall cost of living index as 90. Forbes magazine stated Rocky Mount’s cost of living is 13 percent less than the U.S. average.

Following is how Rocky Mount’s overall score compares to the cost of living for other N.C. cities: Remember, 100 represents the average cost of living in the U.S. The overall score considers factors such as health care, public utilities, transportation and child care.

City Cost of Living Index

Rocky Mount  90

Raleigh 102

Wilmington 102

Burlington 100

Charlotte  98

Greensboro/ Triad  98

Greenville  96

Winston-Salem  95


What Does a Lower Cost of Living Mean for Rocky Mount Residents?

It means the city remains one of the most affordable in North Carolina, particularly when taking into account the extensive parks and recreation services, arts and cultural programs, and sports facilities that are available locally. Rocky Mount also has water and sewer rates that are lower than the statewide average. The best news is that the cost of living may become even more of a value: Rocky Mount will benefit from lower utility bills thanks to an agreement between Duke Progress Energy and ElectriCities. 

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