Volunteerism in Rocky Mount, NC: Good for Revitalization and Good for You!

ways to volunteer in rocky mount nc

“Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. It is often the only thing that ever has.”    --- Margaret Mead

 The word volunteer conjures several images: the citizens who passed out bottled water to Katrina victims, volunteer fire department members who put their lives on the line to help others, those who fight poverty and strive to revitalize their towns and cities. In Rocky Mount, volunteers are always striving to make the community better.

Volunteers may work with youth through the Boys and Girls Club or be the voice for a child as a Guardian ad Litem. Others may help seniors or find homes for stray animals. Volunteers can be found anywhere from athletic stadiums to church sanctuaries to hospital hallways. One local hospital chaplain even earned national recognition for his innovative approaches toward creating a healthier community and fighting poverty.

There’s no question that volunteers are great for the local community, but did you know that volunteering is also good for you?

 A study by Carnegie Mellon University showed that 200 hours of volunteering a year could lower your blood pressure and even volunteering as few as 100 hours a year can help you live longer. In addition to physical benefits, researchers believe that volunteering combats loneliness and depression. There is one catch: the volunteering has to be altruistic, meaning you have to volunteer to honestly help someone else, not to help your life span.

Here are some additional interesting discoveries about the benefits of volunteering:

  • It helps you develop new skills.
  • It helps build your experience. If you’re interested in switching career fields, maybe volunteering in the new industry will provide some useful information for you.
  • Giving helps you receive: studies who that those who demonstrate their love to others through volunteerism feel loved themselves.

Volunteers also make a dramatic contribution to the economy by helping non-profit organizations that cannot afford to hire full-time employees. If you’d like to calculate the economic impact of volunteers, use this handy calculator. This economic benefit and community impact is useful to help cities attract new businesses and revitalize downtown areas.

Volunteer Opportunities Available in Rocky Mount

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the many volunteer opportunities available in Rocky Mount with links to more information:

The Frederick E. Turnage Chapter of the American Red Cross

Help out seniors through the City of Rocky Mount’s Senior Programs and Services.

Communities in Schools of the Rocky Mount Region helps keep students in school and graduate on time. Volunteer information can be found here.

The Tar River Region of the United Way has a list of volunteer opportunities.

Nash Health Care’s Volunteer Auxiliary has a variety of volunteer tasks available.


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