Good News: Crime in Rocky Mount, NC is at a 35-year Low

Rocky Mount lower crime

** This article has been updated. Read "Great News! Crime in Rocky Mount, NC is at a 37-year Low".**

The Rocky Mount City Council got a dose of some positive news: The city crime rate is at a 35-year low. Officials applauded the work of police officers and community leaders for their work toward creating a safer, less dangerous community. The report was given by Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore, who credited collaborative efforts between Rocky Mount Citizens and the police department for the reduction.

Compared to 2013, Crime Statistics in Rocky Mount for 2014 demonstrate:

  • A 16.2 percent decrease in property crime.
  • A 10.9 percent decrease in violent and dangerous crime.
  • A 45 percent decrease in commercial robberies.
  • A 16.5 percent decrease in individual robberies.

Not only was the crime rate at a 35-year low, but Moore said since the police department has been keeping data, only three years were less dangerous and safer than 2014. (Those years were 1983, 1978 and 1977.)

Moore emphasized that some of the most important factors in making cities less dangerous include:

  • Empowering communities to be intolerant of crime
  • Collaboration between residents and police
  • Concerned citizens who want to improve their community, including fighting poverty.

The city offers several different programs to help area citizens work in collaboration with police to make the city safer. These programs include:

The Rocky Mount Citizen’s Police Academy

  • This group gives area citizens more information on the activities of their local police department and allows an opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions. This program is now in its 34th year. Participants are able to participate in a mock court trial, learn about K-9 techniques, firearms training and crime scene investigation.

The Nextdoor Program

  • This social network for neighbors helps citizens organize a Neighborhood Watch group, provide information about any incidents in the area, and more.

Law Enforcement Explorer for Young Adults in Rocky Mount

  • The Rocky Mount Police Department offers this program for young men and women ages 14-20. Through the Explorer program, students are able to learn more about law enforcement careers, good citizenship and self-discipline.

The Rocky Mount Police Department has also taken additional steps to continue to fight crime. The department was one of the first in the state to complete a “Train the Trainer” course for Fair and Impartial Police Training.

For more information, on the programs available, visit the Rocky Mount Police Department’s web page or call them if you spot crime in Rocky Mount.


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