Do You Qualify for the COVID-19 Utilities Assistance Program?

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the nation, transforming each facet of everyday life. Chances are that you know someone who has had COVID-19 or someone who has faced economic challenges as the result of the pandemic.

Perhaps you’re even facing a financial challenge due to the loss of a job, illness or being furloughed. 

The City of Rocky Mount is here to help.

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Tar River Transit Offers Free Rides to Vaccination Appointments

Once again, the City of Rocky Mount has taken initiative to help ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. In this latest effort, the city is arranging free transportation to vaccination appointments. 

The key to bringing the pandemic to a close rests upon how many individuals can be effectively vaccinated. As a result, the U.S. has rolled out one of the most extensive vaccination initiatives in its history.

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City Offers Minority and Women Business Enterprise Program

When historically underutilized businesses grow, the entire community benefits. 

The city realizes this, which is one reason why it is dedicated to its Minority and Women Business Enterprise Program (MWBE). The purpose? To advocate and assist with business growth and opportunities for underutilized businesses, such as those owned by minorities and women. 

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We Answer Your FAQs About the W.A.R.M Program

Imagine this:

It’s a chilly day. Maybe the weather forecast calls for snow flurries. You turn up the thermostat and relax on the couch with a Netflix feature or a good book.

You may take for granted that you’re able to easily get the warmth you need.

For some Rocky Mount residents, that’s not always the case.

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Rocky Mount Honored With Several Awards

We always knew Rocky Mount was remarkable. Now, several  awards and recognitions will help us spread the word.

Several departments within the City of Rocky Mount received awards for excellence, and we’d like to congratulate them on their achievements!

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Rocky Mount, N.C.’s Fire Department Earns New Rating

You may have known that Rocky Mount’s Fire Department has been serving the needs of area citizens for more than 100 years, providing tireless dedication to protecting people and property.

But did you know that the city’s fire department is also in the top two-tenths of one percent of all fire departments in the United States?

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RMPD Demonstrates Dedication to the Community

For the Rocky Mount Police Department, their role in the community extends far beyond “to serve and protect.”  The RMPD showcased its dedication to area citizens through several projects geared to help local residents. This included backpack and school supply giveaways, the National Night Out celebration, and donating supplies to the Covenant House.  Backpack Giveaway  The Rocky Mount Police Department realized the importance of ensuring our local students had the best possible start in the school year. As a result, they organized several Back to School Drive-Thru Giveaways for those in kindergarten through fifth grade.   At the event, students were given a pack full of needed school supplies including notebooks, pens/pencils and other important items.  Attendees also registered for a chance to win a laptop, tablets, Bluetooth speakers and gift cards.  The giveaways were a part of the department’s Night Out Against Crime.  ...

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The City’s COVID-19 Resources

You may have seen billboards posted throughout Rocky Mount reminding you to "Rock the Mask!" and help stop the spread of COVID-19. The city has launched some extensive projects to help area residents, including a Citizens Resource Center. We'll give you an in-depth look at them.

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Your Complete Guide to the Sunset Avenue Corridor Study

Imagine biking down Sunset Avenue in a special lane created just for cyclists. Can you envision an improved corridor that will be both safer and more inviting? City officials did, and they've created a new outlook on improvements to the Sunset Avenue corridor.

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2020 Census—Why We’re Counting on You

You know that the 2020 Census is about counting the population, but are you aware how important these numbers are? We look at what you need to know about the Census including how vital it is for your community to have an accurate count.

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